Facilities at a Bed and Breakfast

Featured image Facilities at a Bed and Breakfast - Facilities at a Bed and Breakfast

While B&Bs will not be able to compete with hotels in terms of size, most will still be able to offer you everything that you need for a comfortable stay. B&Bs in North Yorkshire are famous for their hospitality and warm welcome, but what else should you expect to find?


Most will have a lounge and dining room for their guests. The dining room will generally only be used at breakfast time, but the lounge will usually be available all day. It may be that you decide one day not to venture out at all, and you just want to watch TV, read or chat with other guests. The lounge may also have a DVD and book library for guests to use, but available choices may not be to your taste.

The rooms will have tea and coffee making facilities, and the B&B will generally restock this every day to ensure that you have enough.

The B&B may also have a garden area that guests can use. This is perfect in the summer and particularly for nice evenings if you prefer not to go out.

Some B&Bs will offer Wi-Fi to guests. This will be useful if you need to spend any time online while you are there. You might want to check emails or use some time to play games online, such as on one of the online casinos like mFortune mobile, amongst others. These can be a fun way to pass the time, and all you need is an account that you can log into whenever you want. The advantage of online casinos is that it doesn’t matter whereabouts you are – you can be at home or on holiday in North Yorkshire, and the casino is available to you.